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Community Support

Ballogie is actively involved in supporting the Ballogie Community Association and Birse and Ballogie Community Council. We have assisted in both the local Marywell path project and the ongoing plans for a Community Hub and play area. In addition we work closely with Birse Community Trust on a number of issues, particularly in coordinating deer control in the Parish of Birse.

For over 60 years the Peterhead Scouts have been coming to camp at Ballogie on the campsite at Arntilly. MAROC, the local orienteering club, make use of our woods for their many and varied competition days. MAROC are one of the most active and successful orienteering clubs in Scotland and we are pleased to give our support to their endeavours. The local Scottish Fire & Rescue Service does regular river rescue training using our hut at Potarch as a base. The James Hutton Institute has a research base on Lamahip looking at aspects of climatic change. The Aboyne Sheepdog Trials are held annually, on the Ford Haughs down by the river. The Aberdeen Kilt Walk has become an annual event and begins on the Green at Potarch. We support the work of the Scottish & Aberdeen Beekeepers Association, by providing a training site for their hives in summer.

In cooperation with two neighbouring estates, Ballogie arranges and sponsors the Aboyne Forest Project. Each May, the whole S3 year group at Aboyne Academy, has the opportunity to visit a commercial forestry operation. We support the annual Brooke charity horseride and with regards to fishing, Ballogie provides the Callum Mackenzie Cup, which is presented annually to the young angler, who in the opinion of the judges has made the “best” catch in any year. 

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