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Field Sports at Ballogie

Welcome to Ballogie Estate, a family-run, land-management business in Deeside, Aberdeenshire. Owned by the Nicol family since 1850, Ballogie offers beautiful and secluded accommodation and some of the finest field sports activities in Scotland including salmon fishing and stalking along with grouse and game shooting.

Deer Stalking

At Ballogie Estate our mix of open hillside terrain for red deer stalking, along with spruce and pine woodland for roe deer offer some of the most varied and challenging stalking in Scotland.

Red Deer Stalking

In rural Scotland, Red Deer stalking provides valuable economic benefits to isolated communities, as well as helping to control the red deer population and conserve forestry. As a traditional field sport, a stalk can often take up to a whole day as you hike across the open hillside terrain to locate the deer. All the while you will be guided by Wildlife Ranger, Peter Littlejohn,  who has a wealth of experience and local knowledge and will ensure your day will be one to remember.

Roe Deer Stalking

Roe deer stalking is a very different experience to red deer stalking as it generally takes place either at dawn or dusk when the deer are entering or leaving their wooded habitat. Although a shot can be taken from an elevated point, stalking on foot is the classic approach as it uses a combination of stealth, keen eyesight and good hearing.  

Grouse Shooting on Ballogie, Royal Deeside

Against the backdrop of the Cairngorm Mountains, catching sight of a covey of grouse while walking across dense, heather moorland, is a truly special, unique and rewarding experience. However, it is only one aspect of your enjoyment, as grouse shooting can be one of the most challenging, but rewarding of all field sports.

 The moorland on Ballogie Estate in Royal Deeside is among the most productive in Aberdeenshire for grouse shooting and from the ‘glorious 12th’ August, Ballogie can offer walked-up shooting parties for up to 6 guns and, from the beginning of September and into October, driven parties for up to 10 guns.

Driven Grouse Shooting

At Ballogie Estate we can accommodate a party of up to 10 guns, with 15 beaters to sweep across the line driving the grouse forward. We have experienced gamekeepers who can accommodate personal requests and are on hand to provide guidance and training when required. We also have a selection of vehicles to accommodate a variety of road conditions.

Walked-up Grouse Shooting

Walked-up grouse shooting days are often undertaken as a means to cover areas less suitable for driving. The experience can be equally challenging for any individual. Typically the team of up to 6 guns will walk in an extended line, interspersed with gamekeepers and pickers-up with gun dogs.

Whether you will find yourself surrounded by a covey of a dozen or more grouse, scattering in all directions or faced with a challenging away or overhead shot as the birds swing down the line, the experience is certainly an exciting one!

Walked-up Game Shooting

We cater for guests who wish to take part in all types of field sports. If you prefer a shoot which has an element of the unexpected, then a walked-up game shoot could be perfect for you. Unlike stalking, a pheasant and walked-up game shoot is a relaxed and informal field sport. Although it is similar to a walked-up grouse shoot, in that you will spend the day hiking over varied terrain with your guests, it has the added element of surprise because you never know what you may bag. Please note no ground game will be shot on the day.

Special Events at Ballogie Estate

Ballogie Estate is renowned for offering a range of field sports along with salmon and sea-trout fishing. We also offer a host of special events and hospitality for private and corporate parties. Many of our special events can be individually tailored to suit your specific needs.

The Macnab

The Macnab is the Scottish Field Sport equivalent of the triathlon in athletics. We offer you the chance to shoot a stag, bag a brace of grouse and catch a salmon all in one day. The concept is based on John Buchan’s famous novel ‘John Macnab’ and this special event is available in late September and early October.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

At Ballogie Estate we can cater for clay pigeon shooting groups of up to 10 guns. Sessions can be organised to your requirements and are often enjoyed as part of a holiday or special occasion experience. Our knowledgeable Wildlife Ranger can arrange transport to the shoot location from a rendezvous point or from one of our unique holiday cottages and is on hand to provide guidance and training for those who are less experienced, to ensure everyone has a memorable day.

The Potarch Café

We create food that celebrates Ballogie Estate and local Scottish producers, while playing with dishes and flavours that the team have picked up from travelling around the world. 

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