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A note of thanks from The River Dee Trust to Ballogie Anglers

Angler fishing on Commonty Beat

Dr Lorraine Hawkins from The River Dee Trust sent a letter of thanks to Ballogie Anglers for their generous contribution in 2018 to the Trust.

"Thank you very much for supporting the River Dee Trust through your donation of £1933.34 in 2018. We really appreciate the contribution that the Ballogie Anglers provide each year as it makes a real difference to the Trust's operations.

In 2019, the key areas for the Trust are the Smolt tracking projects to help understand losses of smolts within the river and their early migration, developing habitat restoration tools to include the addition of nutrients and large woody structures into streams, and restarting our river education programmes with school and youth groups.

We update our progress on our website, Facebook (@TheRiverDee) and in monthly newsletters, if you would like further information on any of this work then please get in touch with us at the River Office.

Your donations over the years have really contributed to the positive work already done and there is still lots that we need to do, to restore the river and help protect our smolts, we look forward to keeping you updated."

Dr Lorraine Hawkins

River Director, River Dee Trust

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