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'Good To Go'

Good To Go

Since March we have steadily navigated our way through the initial lockdown and restrictions that COVID19 necessitated and more recently the phased approach to the easing of these restrictions, which has enabled us to offer 'Take Aways' and 'Ballogie Boxes' at Potarch and reopen our self-catering accommodation earler this month. As the weeks move forward we are positively striving to provide the best experience for all our visitors and we are constantly looking at ways to enhance and improve our guest's experience.

We have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure that as the restirctions ease and our accommodation and restaurant reopens, that we adhere to government guidlines to ensure the well being of our guests, customers and employees. We are delighted to have achieved the 'Good to Go' Industry Standard in recognition of this hard work and are very happy to be welcoming all our visitors both new and returning, back to Potarch, our accommodation facilities and indeed Ballogie Estate!




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