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The Gathering 2017



On August 6th, Potarch Cafe & Restaurant on Ballogie Estate will be host to "The Gathering", a day paying tribute to Donald Dinnie, the Dinnie Stones and stone lifting as part of our Scottish heritage.

Donald Dinnie the first true Scottish sporting hero, (who in his lifetime reportedly took part and won over 11,000 sporting competitions), made history at Potarch in 1860 by entertaining crowds of local people at Potarch market by lifting and carrying the stones that had been used to counterweight the scaffolding during repairs to the bridge. Lifting these stones weighing an immense 332kgs (approx.) played an early part in a passion which lasted a lifetime, for competing in Highland Games and strongman competitions around the world.

The Gathering in August is an event which will bring together  lifters of the Stones past and present from all around the world, to showcase their amazing capabilities, share stories of competitions and stone lifting and also to emulate the achievements of Dinnie over 150 years ago.

The Gathering 2017 is an invitational event and we look forward to welcoming many well-known names and faces from the stone lifting community to Potarch.  Nine individuals will attempt a lift and carry of the Stones across the width of Potarch Bridge the distance of 17ft and 1inch, exactly the length documented by Donald.  A further 12 individuals will attempt to lift the stones in the gardens of Potarch in front of family, friends and spectators.

We also welcome local artist Stephanie Vandem to Potarch who will be showcasing  her ‘Lifting’ exhibition at Potarch Café & Restaurant from the 4th – 20th August 2017.

We hope to make history in August by having the largest group of individuals who have successfully lifted the stones all at a Potarch on the day of The Gathering. So join us and be involved in a historic tribute to Donald Dinnie , one of Scotland's sporting greats in this  year of History, Heritage and Archaeology.

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