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Ballogie Estate supports the River Dee Trust's Online Auction 2020

Ballogie Estate supports the River Dee Trust's online auction.

Early in November the River Dee Trust launched their annual online auction to raise funds for the ongoing conservation work that the trust undertakes on the River Dee and throughout the catchment.

Ballogie Estate and many other local businesses and individuals support this auction and the worthwhile work the trust does throughout the year. It is always a fantastic opportunity to bid on some unique experiences and local products that can make excellent gifts for Christmas or birthdays, or indeed just a treat for the individual bidder. It was wonderful to see such a diverse range of lots put up for auction and we are delighted that the River Dee Trust made a fantastic £18,706 this year!

Ballogie Estate donated fishing rods and a luxury picnic on the Commonty Beat which made a fabulous £625 as well as, a wonderful 'Wild Venison Sunday Lunch Box' from Potarch which sold for £100. Filly Nicol also donated a fruitcake, which she has done in previous years and was made at home using a 'guarded secret recipe'! As the auction was nearing its conclusion, the bidding for the fruitcake reached an all time high of £155 and so Filly offered to bake another cake to allow the bidder in second place to enjoy a fruity slice too! After the auction closed, a third bidder approached FIlly directly to make yet another cake and so ultimatley 'Filly's fruitcake with a difference' made £455 for the River Dee Trust.

For more information on the fabulous work that the River Dee Trust undertakes and how you can potentially volunteer or make a donation to their conservation work click here!


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