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Businesses at Ballogie

Ballogie is home to a number of highly successful independent businesses which contribute to the thriving local economy. Here is just a small selection we would recommend you visit while staying at Ballogie, or can find out more online, before you arrive.  

Ballorgie Estate Businesses Buttersworth

The Butterworth Gallery

The Butterworth Gallery is an established 3 star Visit Scotland attraction in Royal Deeside, which was formerly Ballogie village shop and post office. The gallery still has the original petrol pump located outside.

The gallery exhibits a range of beautiful art work and gifts by renowned local artist Howard Butterworth, and his daughter Mary Louise Butterworth.

The village telephone box located outside the gallery is now a self-service coffee shop, which is thought to be the smallest in Europe.  

Ballogie estate businesses equiworld club

Midstrath Equiworld Club

Midstrath Equiworld Club is a family-run, professional riding club offering a high-quality personal service. The Maher family offer a variety of services to suit all levels of rider from beginner, to the more serious competition rider looking for expert tuition.

Riding lessons, pony activity days, stable management courses, competitions, clinics, various activity days and gift vouchers are all available through Midstrath.

Ballogie estate businesses seed box

The Seed Box

Located in Ballogie Estate’s walled garden, The Seed Box is a horticulture and outdoor therapy centre. It aims to improve the social, emotional and physical health of its service users through horticulture and outdoor activities. As a social enterprise, profits are generated for the benefit of the users.

Visitors are welcome to visit and purchase plants and locally grown produce. The Seed Box also sells seasonal produce at local farmers markets and also provides the estate and the Potarch Café and Restaurant with vegetables, fruit and other fresh products.

Franc N Snaelda

Franc N Snaelda

If you are planning to fish on the River Dee during your stay at Ballogie, why not buy your salmon flies from someone who knows the water well? Sean Stanton is the Head Ghillie at Ballogie and the creator of the original Franc N Snaelda fly. If you enjoy the experience of landing a salmon with a fly you tied yourself, but find it difficult to source good quality raw materials such as tubing, hackles and hooks, log onto Sean’s website to buy what you need before you visit.

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